Volume and luster.
Nurture healthy, beautiful hair.
Aging hair care

Signs of aging hair may be caused by changes in balance that begin in unseen places.
RASIKU is a hair care line that supports adult women who seek the natural beauty of their hair by addressing changes in the balance of their hair due to age.
If you notice any changes, why not start today?

Aging hair care that nurtures healthy, beautiful hair with volume and luster


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Aging signs of adult hair.

Many women in their 40s have experienced a reduction in hair volume.

As we age, various changes appear in our skin and body. Changes in hair are particularly easy to notice, with many women in their 40s feeling that the quality of their hair has changed. In particular, the largest number of women feel that their hair volume has decreased, which is a characteristic of aging hair, and that their hair has become thinner and less shiny and bouncy. It is clear that aging hair as well as skin is a major concern for women.

Changes in hair tend to give the impression of aging more than skin.

A major factor influencing one's appearance and age is the condition of one's hair. Of course, the beauty of the skin is also important, but it is true that skin can be disguised to some extent with makeup. However, hair cannot be hidden, so the daily care of your hair will be directly reflected in its appearance. When you notice changes in your hair, it is a good time to take advantage of aging care to make your hair even more beautiful than before.

Three Causes of Hair Aging


Decrease in female hormones

Estrogen x Progesterone
Female hormones have a close relationship with women's health and beauty. As female hormones decrease with age, hair is also affected.


Disturbance of the autonomic nervous system

Sympathetic x Parasympathetic
An imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves causes poor blood circulation and affects the hair matrix cells.


Decrease in barrier function

Sebum x Moisture
As we age, the amount of sebum and moisture in the scalp also decreases. The loss of barrier function due to dryness disturbs the balance of the hair's internal composition.

When you notice a change, it is your chance to become beautiful.
Rasik offers all the care your adult hair needs.

Relax Energy rich
Glycyrrhiza extract
(moisturizing ingredient)
This plant extract is said to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and other effects similar to those of female hormones.
Glycyrrhizic acid
(moisturizing ingredient)
An ingredient extracted from the Chinese ginseng plant. It is said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.
Naturally derived extract
(moisturizing ingredient)
Extracted from plants and other sources. Gentle on the hair and scalp, these products contain ingredients with moisturizing properties.
Royal jelly extract, peach extract, birch extract, chamomilla extract
Vitamins A/C/E
(conditioning ingredients)
Carefully selected vitamins effective in preventing oxidation and promoting blood circulation. Inhibits free radicals that promote aging of hair and scalp.
Carrot extract
(moisturizing ingredient)
An extract from ginseng, a type of herbal medicine. It is expected to promote metabolism and blood circulation.
Tamasaki azalea root extract
(moisturizing ingredient)
Its various functions, such as anti-allergy, metabolism promotion, and vasodilatation, are attracting attention.
Collagen PPT
(repair ingredient)
Ingredients pertaining to elasticity and moisture retention. It works on damaged areas while protecting hair and scalp.
Hydrolyzed conchiolin
(hair repair protein ingredient)
Promotes moisture retention from within the hair and protects the hair and scalp.
Cha leaf extract
(hair repair ingredient)
Extract from tea leaves. It is expected to have a deodorizing effect.
Hydrolyzed royal jelly protein
(conditioning ingredient)
It is said to have anti-inflammatory and irritation-relieving properties and to help regulate hair conditions.


An aging hair care that approaches hair that is beginning to show signs of age.

Smoothly cleanses with rich lather

The cleaning ingredients are amino acid-based surfactants with low irritation and high moisture retention properties to remove excess sebum and dirt.

Natural Shampoo
Rasik Basic Balance Shampoo

660mL/800mL (refill)

Regulates moisture content and makes hair easy to style

The cream spreads smoothly through hair and conditions it. Leaves hair feeling soft to the touch and smooth to the touch.

Natural Shampoo
Rasik Basic Balance Treatment

627mL/760mL (refill)

Your first box of Rasik will be the first box of Rasik.
Rasik Starting Box
Rasik Starting Box

Basic Balance Shampoo: 150mL
Basic Balance Treatment: 110g


In Bath Basic daily care


Gently cleanses scalp and hair

1. shampoo the scalp
Take an appropriate amount and spread it on both hands, then apply it to the scalp. Apply to the scalp rather than the hair.
2. from dirt on the scalp
Wash the scalp by massaging the scalp with your fingers, making sure to place your fingers in the hair.
3. remove dirt from hair
The basic rule is to wash hair with plenty of airy lather to prevent damage caused by friction between hair.
4. rinse thoroughly
Rinse the hairline and behind the ears carefully to ensure that no residue is left behind.

Comfortable to the touch and comfortable to the touch

1. treatment is for hair only
Drain water from hair lightly and apply a little at a time, starting from the ends of the hair. Once the product has been distributed throughout the hair, comb through with a coarse comb to evenly distribute the product. If you are concerned about damage or dryness, wrap your hair in a steamed towel and leave it for about 5 minutes.
2. rinse thoroughly
If treatment remains on the scalp, it can cause dandruff and itching. Be careful not to rinse it out.
3. do not rub the towel dry
To remove water from the hair, place the hair between towels to absorb the water so that the hair is not burdened by friction.