No alkaline, no hydrogen peroxide, deposit-only treatment color cream (known as hair manicure) that is best for damaged hair.
Super amino acid "pellicer" effectively penetrates in the hair repairing damaged structures with cationic polymers (first adapted for hair manicure) transporting soft, silky and shiny texture to the hair. Our brown base hair manicure covers gray hair without damage to the hair or irritation to your clients' scalp.

  • ●Effortless toning control as each brown color hue contains light brown, medium brown or dark brown bases.
  • ●Pellicer, a micro amino-acid laboriously penetrates and repairs the damaged hair.
  • ●Sunflower seed extract protects hair from UV damage.


20 shades Hair manicure 140g

【Basic Process】

Pat the hair lightly with a towel till water stops dripping. Towel-dry more thoroughly if you want a better dyeing property.

2.Application of protection cream
Apply the protection cream to the hairline, ear, nape and other parts that are prone to smudge.

3.Application of PERLALUCE
Take care not to allow the coloring to touch the
skin and use a comb to spread it evenly over the hair.

4.Application check
Crosscheck perpendicular to the slice line to see if there is unevenness in application. Reapply if there is unevenness or insufficiency.

Wrap the hair and warm it for 10 minutes.
To prevent smudge on the skin, make sure not to wrap the head too tightly. Apply 40 to 50 degree Celsius dry heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Let stand for as long or short as necessary depending on the hair type and progress in coloring action.

6.Color check
Take a segment of hair and wipe the coloring off
using cotton etc. to check the color development. Reapply the color to segments where color development is insufficient and warm again.

If the color check result is satisfactory, take off the wrap and let the hair cool down in room temperature for about five minutes.

8.Plain rinse
Shower the hair and let the water pressure remove PERLALUCE. Then, rinse well until the running water becomes clear.

Shampoo the hair twice thoroughly to remove unnecessary coloring.

Dry and style the hair.

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