No alkaline, no hydrogen peroxide, deposit-only treatment color cream (known as hair manicure) that is best for damaged hair.
30 different colors with 4 controlling colors (clear, light gray, dark gray, black) enable you to create various colors you desire for both colorful shades and gray covering shades.

PERFETTO Original Shade  150g

PERFETTO Original Shade 150g

A wide range of various colors from fashionable to gray-covering colors
30 shades

PERFETTO Medium  150g

PERFETTO Medium 150g

Achromatic shades to change saturation and lightness of original colors by mixing
4 shades

Texture Change  150g

Texture Change 150g

Makes hair softer and gives more moistened feeling by mixing it with Perfetto Color

Eraser  150g

Eraser 150g

Removes acid color pigments from hair to make the color change easier

Contoller  1000mL

Contoller 1000mL

An acid lotion for Perfetto color to control the pH level of hair lower.

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