Volume-up haircare line that gives soft weak hair healthy strength.
"I want get more volume but my hair is too fine and soft." "I like fluffiness but my hair soon becomes flat." EL gives such hair thickness and strength, leading it to volume rich styles.

  • ●Hematin binds with protein inside of the hair making hair thick and strong.
  • ●Its anti-oxidation effect slows down the hair aging.
  • ●It uses Sulfosuccinic acid, a very mild cleansing agent that has much less impact on color fade-out.
PERLALUCE  EL SHAMPOO 200mL/600mL/500mL(refill)

PERLALUCE EL SHAMPOO 200mL/600mL/500mL(refill)

It uses sulfosuccinic acid, a very mild cleansing agent that is gentle to hair and skin. EL SHAMPOO makes hair thick and strong while cleansing dirt and stains. Also, SP amino acid repairs the hair during the shampoo.

PERLALUCE  EL TREATMEMT 200g/600g/500g(refill)

PERLALUCE EL TREATMEMT 200g/600g/500g(refill)

Hematin works to damaged parts of hair making both outside and inside of hair thick and strong. Honey and precious Moroccan argan oil maintain the moisture rich feeling of the hair.

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